8/30/2015 Sunday Coupon Preview

Red Plum 8/30

Allegra $3/1 children’s allergy product (9/12) Allegra $3/1 d allergy & congestion product (9/12) Allegra $5/1 allergy 24ct+ product excludes d and children’s (9/12) Best Foods $.50/1 real mayonnaise product 30oz+ jar (9/27) Best Foods $1/1 real mayonnaise squeeze product 11.5 or 20oz bottle (9/27) Eckrich B1G1 free rope or links smoked sausage 11-14oz up to $2.50 (9/20) Florida Crystals $.75/1 natural cane, organic or demerara sugar product (11/4) Garnier $2/1 olia oil powered haircolor (9/26) Garnier Fructis $2/1 shampoo, conditioner, treatment or style products excluding 1.7, 2 and 3oz (9/26) Good Health $1/2 3.5oz+ products (2/29/16) I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! $1/1 product (9/27) International Delight $.55/1 pumpkin pie spice coffee creamer dnd (10/11) International Delight $1/2 creamer singles or larger dnd (10/11) L’Oreal $1.50/1 advanced hairstyle product excludes 1.7oz trial size (9/12) L’Oreal $2/1 advanced haircare shampoo or conditioner excludes 1.7oz trial size (9/12) L’Oreal $3/1 advanced haircare family size 25.4oz shampoo or conditioner (9/12) Libby’s/Carnation $.75 off 1 libby’s 100% pure pumpkin 15oz can AND 1 carnation evaporated milk 12oz can (10/31) McCormick $.75/1 skillet sauce (10/4) McCormick $1 off 1 spice AND extract excludes grill mates (10/31) Muller $2/6 yogurts dnd (10/11) Nasacort $5/1 allergy 24hr 120+ spray product (9/12) Pedigree $2/6 13.2oz cans or 1 multipack (10/24) Promise/Brummel & Brown $1/1 product (9/27) Quilted Northern $.25/1 ultra plush bath tissue 6 double roll+ (9/30) Quilted Northern $.55/1 ultra soft & strong bath tissue 6 double roll+ (9/30) Quilted Northern $1.50/1 bath tissue 24 roll+ (9/30) Seventh Generation $1/1 dish liquid (10/15) Seventh Generation $1/1 handwash (10/15) Seventh Generation $2/1 laundry detergent (10/15) SheaMoisture $1/1 bar soap (10/25) SheaMoisture $2/1 bubble bath, body, baby or hair products (10/25) Skittles/Starburst $1/2 9oz+ bags dnd (11/22) Zing $1.50/1 stevia sweetener (11/30)

P&G 8/30

Always $1/1 pad 12ct+ or feminine wipes product excludes discreet and trial (9/26) Always $1/1 pantiliner 30ct+ always discreet and trial (9/26) Always $2/1 discreet liner or pad product ets (9/26) Always $2/1 discreet underwear ets (9/26) Bounty $.25/1 product excludes single rolls (9/26) Bounty/Charmin $.50/1 basic product ets (9/26) Charmin $.25/1 product excludes single rolls and trial (9/26) Clairol $3/1 natural instincts hair color ets (9/13) Clairol Buy 1 nice ‘n easy hair color box, get 1 root touch up box free up to $5.99 excludes age defy, natural instincts, balsam, textures & tones and trial (9/13) Covergirl $3/2 products excludes accessories and trial (9/26) Covergril $1/1 eye product excludes accessories and trial (9/26) Crest $.50/1 mouthwash 237ml+ or pro-health jr mouthwash 458ml+ ets (9/26) Crest $.50/1 toothpaste 3oz+ or liquid gel, pro-health stages or jr or 1 kid’s toothpaste 4.2oz+ excludes cavity, baking soda, tartar control and trial (9/26) Crest $1.50/2 toothpaste 3oz+ or liquid gel, pro-health stages or jr or 1 kid’s toothpaste 4.2oz+ excludes cavity, baking soda, tartar control and trial (9/26) Crest $3/1 pro-health hd or 3d white brilliance 2-step system kit (9/26) Crest $3/1 sensi-soft 6, 10 or 12ct ets (9/26) Downy $.50/1 products excludes libre enjuague, unstopables, liquid 12 loads and trial (9/26) Duracell $.25/1 coppertop, quantum, ultra photo lithium, specialty batteries, rechargeable batteries, charger or 6pk+ hearing aid batteries excludes 1ct and trial (9/26) Duracell/Hasbro $5 off 1 nerf n-strike modulus ecs-10 blaster (sku ‪#‎b1538‬) AND 1 duracell 4pk+ (10/2) Febreze $.50/1 fabric refresher, air effects or noticeables ets (9/26) Febreze B1G1 free product up to $3.49 ets (9/13) Fixodent $1/1 adhesive 1.4oz+ ets (9/26) Fixodent $2.50/1 adhesive twin pack 1.4oz ets (9/26) Gillette $.75/1 clear gel deodorant 2.85oz+ ets (9/13) Gillette $2/2 clear gel deodorants 2.85oz+ ets (9/13) Gillette/Venus $3/1 razor 1ct+ excludes disposables (9/26) Gillette/Venus B2G1 free disposable pack 2ct+ excludes sensor2/daisy 2ct up to $9.99 (9/13) Head & Shoulders $3/2 full size products 380ml/12.8oz+ excludes all treatments and trial (9/26) Ivory $.25/1 12oz body wash or 3pk bar (9/13) Ivory/Safeguard $.50/1 ivory or safeguard bar or safeguard body wash (9/13) Luvs $1/2 bags or 1 box diapers ets (9/26) Meta $1/1 product excludes health bar 1ct (9/26) Meta $2/1 health bar product excludes 1ct (9/26) MetaBiotic $2/1 product excludes health bar 1ct (9/26) Mr. Clean B2G1 free liquid muscle, liquid or spray up to $3.49 ets (9/13) Mr. Clean B2G1 free magic eraser up to $3.49 ets (9/13) Olay $.75/1 body wash, bar 2ct+ or in-shower body lotion excludes 1 bar and trial (9/13) Olay $1/1 facial moisturizer or cleanser excludes pro-x, regenerist, total effects, age defying and trial (9/26) Olay $2/1 total effects or age defying facial moisturizers ets (9/26) Olay $2/2 body wash, bar 2ct+ or in-shower body lotion excludes 1 bar and trial (9/13) Olay $5/2 pro-x or regenerist facial moisturizers or facial hair removals ets (9/13) Old Spice $.75/1 product ets (9/13) Old Spice $2/2 products ets (9/13) Old Spice $3/2 shampoo, 2-in-2 or styling products ets (9/13) Oral-B $.50/1 glide floss 35m+ or glide floss picks 30ct+ ets (9/26) Oral-B $.50/1 pulsar, 3d white, pro-health, complete, sensi-soft, indicator or cavity defense toothbrush or kids manual or power toothbrush ets (9/26) Pampers $.50/1 wipes 56ct+ ets (9/26) Pampers $3/2 bags or 1 box diapers or pants ets (9/26) Panetene $2/2 products must include shampoo and conditioner or styler excludes 6.7oz and trial (9/26) Pantene $1.50/1 styler or treatment product ets (9/26) Pantene $1/1 expert collection product ets (9/26) Pantene $5/3 products must include shampoo and conditioner or styler excludes 6.7oz and trial (9/26) Prilosec OTC $1/1 product (9/26) Prilosec OTC $2/1 14ct product (9/26) QlearQuil $2/1 product ets (9/26) Secret $.75/1 outlast, scent expressions, destinations antiperspirants/deodorants or body spray excludes 1.7oz, 1.6oz and trial (9/13) Secret $2/2 outlast, scent expressions, destinations antiperspirants/deodorants or body spray excludes 1.7oz, 1.6oz and trial (9/13) Secret/Gillette $2/1 clinical 1.6oz+ ets (9/13) Sinex $2/1 product ets (9/26) Swiffer $3/1 wetjet, sweep & trap or sweepervac starter kit excludes steamboost and trial (9/26) Tampax $1/1 pearl or radiant tampon 16ct+ ets (9/26) Tide $1/1 detergent excludes simply clean & fresh, simply clean & sensitive, pods, detergent 10oz and trial (9/26) Tide/Downy $3/3 tide detergents or downy products excludes tide simply clean & fresh, simply clean & sensitive, pods and detergent 10oz and downy libre enjuague, unstopables and liquid 12 loads and trial (9/26) Tide/Gain $1/1 tide oxi multi purpose stain remover, tide washing machine cleaner, gain washing machine cleaner or tide boost 18-37ct ets (9/26) Vicks $1/1 product excludes vapodrops, zzzquil and trial (9/26) Vicks $3/2 products excludes vapodrops, zzzquil and trial (9/26) Vidal Sassoon $5/1 salonist hair color ets (9/13) ZzzQuil $1/1 product ets (9/26)

Smart Source 8/30

Afrin $1/1 nasal spray (9/26) Afrin $3/1 nasal spray (9/26) Alka-Seltzer $1/1 product 12ct+ (10/10) Alka-Seltzer $2/1 32ct+ product (9/12) Aveeno $2/2 products includes baby care and excludes cleansing bars, moisturizing bars, trial sizes and 2.5oz lotion sizes (10/15) BIC $2/1 disposable razor pack ets (9/27) BIC $2/1 soleil disposable razor pack ets (9/27) Claritin $10/1 70ct (9/6) Claritin $3/1 children’s 4oz or 20ct+ (9/27) Claritin $4/1 30ct+ (9/27) Claritin $6/1 regular or children’s chewables 30ct+ (9/6) Claritin-D $3/1 15ct+ (9/27) Claritin-D $5/1 15ct+ (9/6) Clorox $.75/1 bleach crystals or packs (11/1) Clorox $1/2 bleach products excluding 16oz (11/1) Colgate $1/1 360 or slim soft manual toothbrush (9/19) Colgate $1/1 mouthwash or mouth rinse 8oz+ (9/26) Colgate $1/1 total, optic white, enamel health or max fresh 3oz+ (9/12) Cooked Perfect $1.50/1 meatballs (10/31) Cottonelle/Scott/Viva/Kleenex $1/1 cottonelle bath tissue 9pk+, scott 1000 bath tissue 15pk+, viva paper towels 8pk+ or kleenex facial tissue 4pk+ ets (10/3) TARGET COUPON Cottonelle/Scott/Viva/Kleenex $3/2 cottonelle bath tissue 9pk+, scott 1000 bath tissue 15pk+, viva paper towels 8pk+ or kleenex facial tissue 4pk+ ets (10/3) TARGET COUPON Del Monte $1/1 fusions 4pk (11/12) Depend $3/1 product 8ct+ (9/26) Dr. Scholl’s $3/1 insoles $7.95+ (9/27) Dr. Scholl’s $8 off both 1 dreamwalk insole AND 1 express pedi device excludes replacement rollers (9/6) Ensure $2/2 multipacks (10/25) Ever Clean $1/1 litter 25lbs+ (9/30) Excedrin $2/1 20ct+ product (9/12) Excedrin $4/1 200ct product (10/17) Fiber One $.50/1 chewy bars, 90 calorie products, protein chewy bars, streusel bars, cheesecake bars or cookies (10/24) Fiji $.50/1 multipack 33ml+ (10/30) Frank’s $1/1 redhot sauce 12oz+ (10/31) Frank’s $1/1 redhot slammin’ sriracha, sweet chili or rajili sauce (10/31) FreeStyle $2/1 precision neo meter (10/17) Fresh Step $1/1 scoop litter 15.4lbs+ (9/30) Fresh Step $3/1 ultracare litter (9/30) Helper $.75/3 regular or ultimate skillet dishes (10/24) K-Y $2/1 product (10/31) K-Y $4/1 liquibeads, love or yours+mine (10/31) LA Looks $.75/1 styling gel 20 or 26oz (10/31) Land O’Frost $.75/1 premium, bistro favorites or Canadian bacon (10/31) Land O’Frost $1/1 pure and simple lunchmeat (10/24) Land O’Frost $1/1 sub sandwich kit (10/31) Nature Made $5/1 digestive probiotics product (9/30) Nature Valley $.50/2 granola bars 5ct+, nut crisp bars, granola thins, soft-baked oatmeal squares, breakfast biscuits, futeria or simple nut bars (10/24) Nature Valley $.75/1 protein crunchy granola, toasted oats muesli or protein soft baked granola bites bag (10/10) Old El Paso $.50/1 bold flavored stand ‘n stuff taco shells or dinner kit (10/24) OxiClean $.50/1 pre-treater (9/26) OxiClean $1.50/1 white revive laundry stain remover (9/26) OxiClean $1/1 laundry detergent (9/26) OxiClean $1/1 odor blasters or versatile stain remover 3lb+ (9/26) OxiClean $1/1 washing machine cleaner (9/26) PeroxiClear $4/1 12oz+ (10/3) PeroxiClear $8/1 twinpack (10/3) Pillsbury $.50/1 toaster strudel or toaster scrambles pastries or pancakes excludes heat-n-go mini pancakes (11/21) Poise $3/1 pads or liners excludes 14-26ct liners and 10ct pads (9/26) Sargento $.50/1 natural cheese snack 4.5oz+ (10/11) Sargento $.50/2 shredded natural cheese 5oz+ (10/4) Sargento $.50/2 sliced natural cheese (10/11) Sargento $.75/1 tastings (10/25) Splenda $1.50/1 no calorie sweetener product, 80ct+ packets, 9.7oz+ granulated or sugar or brown sugar blend dnd (10/31)

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