2/14 Sunday Coupon preview

We are expecting TWO RedPlums

RP #1

$1.00/1 - Absorbine Veterinary Liniment Gel, Exp: 12/31

$1.00/1 - Aveeno product, Excludes cleansing bars, moisturing bars, trial sies and 2.5 lotion sises Exp: 03/12

$0.35/1 - Blue Ribbon, Exp: 05/15

$1.50/1 - Covergirl Lip Product (Excludes accessories and ETS), Exp: 02/27

$2.00/1 - Covergirl Mascara (Excludes accessories & ETS), Exp: 02/27

$7.00/1 - Crest 3D White Glamorous White 14ct, 1 Hour Express 4 ct, Profressional Effects 20ct or 25ct, Professional Effects + 1 Hour Express 22ct OR Supree FlexFit 14ct or 17 ct Whitestrips, Exp: 02/27

$1.00/1 - Downy Fresh Protect, Bounce Bursts, Dreft Blissfuls OR Gain Fireworks (Excludes Unstopables and ETS) Exp: 02/27

$2.50/2 - Downy Fresh Protect, Bounce Bursts, Dreft Blissfuls OR Gain Fireworks (Excludes Unstopables and ETS) Exp: 02/27

$2.00/1 - Essence Ultimate Hair Care Product, Exp: 03/05

$10.00/1 - Flonase 120 Spray Allergy Relief, Exp: 02/21

$4.00/1 - Flonase 120 Spray Allergy Relief, Exp: 03/27

$2.00/1 - Flonase 60 Spray Allergy Relief, Exp: 03/27

$1.00/2 - Gain Detergents, Gain Liquid Fabric enhancers OR Gain Dryer Sheets (Excludes Gain Dryer Sheets 20ct or smaller, Gain Fireworks, Gain Flings, and ETS) Exp: 02/27

$0.50/1 - Gain Detergent, Gain Liquid Fabric enhancer OR Gain Dryer Sheets (Excludes Gain Dryer Sheets 20ct or smaller, Gain Fireworks, Gain Flings, and ETS) Exp: 02/27

$0.50/1 - Land O lakes Eggs, ExP: 05/14

$1.25/1 - Oral-B Manual Toothbrush 3D White, Pro-Health OR Complete TWIN PACK (Excludes Cavity Defense, Healthy Clean, Indicator and ETS) ExP: 03/12

$0.50/1 - Oral-B Adult OR Kids Manual Toothbrush (Excludes Healthy Clean and ETS) Exp: 03/12

$1.00/1 - Oreo Churros box (10.3ounce box), Exp: 04/10

$3.00/2 - Pantene Products (must include Shampoo AND Conditioner OR Styler) (ETS and 6.7ounce) Exp: 02/27

$3.00/2 - Pantene Expert Shampoo OR Conditioner Products (ETS and 6.7ounce) Exp: 02/27

$1.00/1 - Pantene Hairspray ETS, Exp: 02/27

$1.00/1 - Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner ETS, Exp: 02/27

$1.00/1 - Quaker Select Starts Products, Exp: 03/31

$3.00/1 - Schwarkopf Color Ultime or Keratin Color Hair Color Product, Exp: 03/05

$2.00/1 - Styliste Ultime Hair Care Product, Exp: 03/05

Rp #2

$4/1 Allegra childrens allergy (2/27)

$5/1 Allegra allergy 24 hr 24 ct + (2/27)

$3/1 Allegra-D allergy & congestion (2/27)

$1/1 Dial body wash kids, baby, acne, men, tone 12 oz +; Bar dial, men, advanced, tone 6 bar +; lotion dial, men, 12 oz + (3/5)

$1/2 Dial foaming hand wash complete, kids, tone 7.5 oz +; Bar dial complete, efulls, men, tone 3 bar +;Dial advanced bar 2 bar; acne (3/5)

$5/1 Nasacort allergy 24 hour 120 spray + (4/9)

$3/1 Nasacort childrens or adult allergy 24 hr 60 spray (4/9)

$1/1 Persil proclean ETS (3/13) $2/1 Persil proclean 75 oz powerliquid +; 2 lbs 12 oz power pearls +; 40 ct powercaps + (3/13)

B2G1 Free Purex crystals in wash fragrance booster exclude scent splash (2/21)

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